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Next Apogee OÜ - an innovative company founded by a passionate of forward-thinking full-stack developer J.Y.H. - turns innovative ideas into scalable user-centric products. We have been engaged in web/mobile app development nearly 16 years ago.

We have developed massive mobile projects for Asian and Western-European clients, including the mobile versions of several extremely complex solutions for the Smart Home, Fintech, Education, Games, Health, E-Commerce and other verticals. We are developing some insanely great products. Next Apogee is also a valuable app solution provider and partner.

If you want to unveil the Asian market, especially the Chinese market, we have an absolute advantage. We are well versed in the development of the entire Asian market. We are very familiar with the development on the Alibaba and Tencent WeChat ecosystems. We also have rich experience in Baidu SEO and Apple iOS / Android Apps ASO.

Our Skills

Back-end development

  • - PHP / Yii,Lavavel,Cake,ZF...
  • - Golang / Gin / Iris
  • - JAVA / Spring Cloud
  • - NodeJs
  • - LUA
  • -

Front-end development

  • - VueJs
  • - React
  • - Apache Cordova
  • - Wechat mini-app native / Kbone
  • - Uni-app (for Hybrid app development)

Mobile App development

  • - Swift5/SwiftUI,Objective-C
  • - Android Kotlin
  • - SpriteKit / Unity

Machine learning

  • - TensorFlow

IoT Hardware development

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Kesklinna linnaosa, Vana-Veerenni
+372 8159-7451
[email protected]
Whatsapp: nextapogee

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